The most Belgian
of beers

Belgium is beer, beer is Belgium. The range of Belgian beers on offer is huge yet the number of purely Belgian beers is less substantial than you might think. Obuz claims the title of ‘most Belgian beer’. With good reason.

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What nature

It may raise a few eyebrows, but many Belgian beers are made using ingredients that were not grown in our neck of the woods. Obuz sets out from its own strengths, the strength of Flanders’ fields.

About the brewing process

Distinctive and
packed with flavour

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Rooted in quintessentially Flemish fields

Obuz is born out of Flemish primeval soil. The barley is seeded and harvested in Passchendaele, on the fields of the Lemaire family. The beer is brewed and bottled at the farm itself. Which makes Obuz the first true ‘Belgian farm brewery beer’.

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