Grown and brewed on the farm

The most
Belgian of beers

Ingredients from Flanders’ fields, the flavours of our soil, beer brewed and bottled on the farm. Local, self-reliant, self-willed.

The first
farm brewery beer

A while ago, farmer Henk Lemaire decided to turn some of his land into fields to grow the basic ingredient needed for his first beer.

Where these fields had previously served as fertile land to grow crops and as pastures to keep livestock, the Passchendaele farmer and brewer is now making sure the barley he is growing to brew the first true Belgian farm brewery beer Obuz gets to fully absorb the flavours of the soil. He does so with a fair amount of expertise and know-how. Henk has a history when it comes to brewing and uses ingredients seeded and harvested all by himself.

A little further up, in the family farm’s shed, he brews and bottles the beer.

Residual products are collected by fellow farmers, which they use to feed their livestock in turn.

Straight from the field, a difference you can taste

As the main ingredient that defines the flavour, the barley is born out of Passchendaele’s sandy loam soils, bringing its unique character that titillates the senses. The hops are from nearby Poperinge. The master brewer/farmer allows nature to do its work before he sets to work with the fruits of the land.

More taste
less alcohol

The barley absorbs the flavours of the soil, of the fields that have been owned by the Lemaire family for over 100 years. No flavour enhancers or other additive, simply pure and undiluted barley juice with a quirky character that is all its own.

With 6 % alcohol content, Obuz is a maverick, a session beer, albeit one that has the flavours dancing on the palate and setting the taste buds alight. A special blond, feet firmly on the ground, no pretenses.
A quality farm brewery beer, a brewage that makes for a perfect combination with some great food, on a balmy summer’s evening on a terrace or simply with friends down the pub.


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